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Contractor means any person who undertakes with or for another person within. The city to build. Construct, alter, repair, add to, move, or wreck any building or structure, or any part thereof. Contractor will also include persons licensed by the city manager. To inspect residential buildings per BRC 10-3.

General Building Contractor includes any person. Company or agency holding a current A, B or C building contractor license. With the City of Boulder and does not include the following:

Subcontractors working for and under the supervision of a general contractor;

Plumbers, electricians, mechanical and fire or other specialized trades. People for whom another license is must by the city; and

A homeowner who builds, constructs, alters, repairs, adds to. Moves, or wrecks any building or structure. or any part thereof that forms the owner’s residence. Or a building or structure accessory thereto, that is intend for the owner’s personal use. This exception is available only as to one such building or structure during a calendar year.

License Required

Other than a homeowner performing work on their own home. No person shall perform any work as a contractor in the city without. First obtaining a city contractor’s license to perform such work.

No permit must be issued for work to be done by a person who does not have a valid. current license as required by the city for the type of work to be perform. except a homeowner performing work on their own home.

No person other than a Class A or Class B Licensed Contractor shall. perform work requiring the supervision of an architect or structural engineer.

All New and Renewal License Applicants Shall:

Complete a City of Boulder Contractor Licensing Application

Provide a copy of A, B or C Contractors certificate issued by the International Code Council (ICC).

Provide a current copy of a Certificate of Insurance as required by BRC 4-1-8 (except Class F, G and D-9).

Pay the annual licensing fees as required by BRC 4-20-4.

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