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At Contractors Near Me, we take pride in our ability to Collaborate with our clients, particularly in the commercial design and build.


Regardless of building type or size, we can provide you with a variety of expert renovation solutions

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Contractors Near Me renovation services make your building more usable, better equipped, and more ideally suited to your needs.


Contractors Near Me, provides full service home building and Remodeling in the San Jose region.

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Contractors Near Me helps property owners and managers realize their vision for their new Home of office construction project.


Contractors Near Me have done everything from refrigeration units to loading docks to signage and parking lots.


If you think your idea is out of the ordinary, and turned away by other companies, Contractors Near Me can bring your specialty project to life.

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Contractors Near Me staff dedicated to making your project a successful accomplishment and recognizes that through your project’s success. Also, Contractors Near Me will grow to our full potential. We recognize that we have to earn our clients trust to develop our reputation with each and every project. As a dedicated company, we thank you for your devotion and support. As we know that without you, our customer, we could not be successful.

Pre-Construction Services:Contractors Near Me

Site investigation prior to lease – coordination with owner, leasing agent, tenant coordinator, and landlord to provide the best solutions for the client and observe any site conditions that may alter the design, budget, and/or schedule.

Coordinate with owner, architect, designers, and engineer during pre-design development, to ensure that the design fits within the clients budget and ensure that all parties involved are working as a team to bring the plans together on time and within the cost parameters specified.

Prepare an upfront preliminary budget based on initial design taking into consideration the location, existing conditions, and timing of the project to help allow the client time to secure all funds for the project.

Prepare detailed subcontractor scopes to ensure the best price to meet the project’s budget along with selecting the proper subcontractors that meet the highest quality of experience for each specific project.

Provide value engineering throughout the design phases of the project while maintaining design vision with effective cost savings. And also functional alternatives to the creative design that helps meet budget requirements to ensure no cost overruns.

Assist in all permit processing and expediting to ensure that permits are obtained in a timely manner and to avoid any project start delays.

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Construction Services:

With years of in house experience, we can foresee challenges in advance and limit any cost overruns and/or delays that may affect the overall budget and projects timeline.

Provide an experienced project manager that is engulfed in every aspect of your project from the receiving of the approved plans and permits to C of O. And also completion of the punch list along with coordinating with the superintendent, subcontractors, owner, developer, and design team to ensure the project is proceeding on schedule and on budget.

Full-time on-site dedicated superintendent to ensure the coordination of all trades, vendors. And also to interact with the project manager daily to ensure the schedule is met with the upmost quality assurance.

Coordination with all owner vendors – i.e. helping the client in obtaining applications for electrical, gas, and water from the local jurisdictions, provide a detailed list of all necessary vendors to obtain all inspections and receive a C of O, coordinate with kitchen equipment suppliers to ensure all items are covered per the owner concept and that all necessary MEP connections are in the proper location.

Our project managers and superintendents are equipped with digital cameras and laptops. So that you can follow your project’s progress throughout the construction phases and provide weekly pictures for your review, a detailed summary of the daily progress on the project, submittal logs, RFI logs, and weekly updated schedules to ensure the client is kept up to date every step of the way.

Upon completion of your project, we leave the superintendent on site during all training and for the grand opening to ensure that any issues that may arise are handled immediately to ensure no interruption to your newly completed project.

Post-Construction Services:

Provide an onsite supervisor to ensure that all equipment is functioning properly for the new businesses grand opening before we pull off the project

Compile and provide two complete close-out folders containing all warranty letters, equipment warranties, complete subcontractor list, original notice of completion, and a copy of all permits along with the original Certificate of Occupancy.

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