A room addition can be one of the best investments to make for your house. Check appeal is raised, the living room develops. And new layout features are readily available to the house. Which you have already grown to appreciate. When it is a kitchen that is a new, newlywed master bedroom. Or resilient infant nursery. A room addition could be a cheap way.

To expand your living room needs without needing to pick up and move to some other site. But before you start any big-or little home agreement. It is important that you have an underground leak detection agency measure. The region you are likely to build before you break ground. If you do not, you could get stuck with a single of those five issues.

Underground Utilities

If you are adding on to double your living area or you are just adding a little space. You can bet that in the event you’re planning on digging into. The floor more than simply a couple of inches, then you are asking for trouble. Underground utilities such as electric. Plumbing, cable and phone lines may be buried. Only inches under the surface-even though they are not supposed to be.


You certainly don’t want to build on top of a sinkhole. And only because your area is not likely to sinkholes, does not mean they cannot happen. Sinkholes can form out of the landscaping. Plumbing leaks or perhaps droughts, in almost any place.

This can readily guarantee tragedy strikes. When the heavy base is put on those shaky underground nightmares. Make sure to use it. Southern Leak Detection to test for sinkholes until you construct your room addition. Give us a call now for a consultation of your underground detection needs to your room addition.

Unstable Soil Structure

Room additions often are added onto regions of the earth. That have deposits and pockets of soil that is unstable. This can happen because of a huge array of problems.

Such as irrigation flows, past grading efforts or rotting landscaping materials. Before you break ground, make sure that. You don’t have to create more severe mines to end unstable soils in the area.

Soil Compaction

When room additions are built on areas. Where extra dirt is attracted into the region until. The slab is poured, you must make sure the soil was brought to complete compaction. Underground leak detection experts do more than simply search for escapes.

Checking for good soil compaction makes certain. Your room addition does not sink in the surrounding soils as a result of bad soil compaction. Make sure you have a dirt compaction test done before you pour a slab when earning fill dirt to your room addition.

Water Table Depths

In some places, water tables can be very higher than in others-and only in a couple of feet of a single another. Building in a very wet place can be a tragedy to happen to your room addition. Water may enter the construction; sinkholes can shape and slabs can crack and shift.

Make sure you call. An underground escape detection business before beginning any home improvement project. In case you’ve water table issues in your town.

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