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About This License

An Electrical contractor in San Jose places. Installs, Erects or joins any electrical wires, fixtures, appliances, apparatus, raceways, conduits. Solar photo voltaic cells or any component thereof. which generate. send, transform or use electrical energy in any form or for any purpose.

Requirements to Obtaining Your License

A Electrical Contractors License in San Jose is need
For two exams: law and business and their trade.

Pre-approval from the state is require to sit for the examination.

Applicants require to have 4 years experience. To Qualify to take the examination. Experience must be at the journeyman. foreman or manager, contractor, or as an owner-builder.

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All candidates must have a working capital of at least $2,500. Moreover, all applicants must also file a bond with the Registrar in the amount of $10,000.

We offer a home study courses that consists of a research Manual, CDs, and DVDs

Books and References For the Exam

All examinations in San Jose are closed book

The San Jose Contractor test has approximately

A 72% must pass.

Topics on the exam include system design and evaluation; Rough wiring. Finish wiring and trim; troubleshooting and repair; and security.

Also the exam fee is include with the $250 application fee.

After the board has approved your application, they will Inform you of the testing date.

Applying to Receive Your License

The exam fee is included with the $300 application fee. The initial license fee for two years is an extra $180. An application for licenser. can be obtained from the San Jose Contractors State License Board by calling

Reciprocity Agreement

Limited agreements with Arizona, Utah, and Nevada.

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