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Prospective California contractors looking to become licensed for the first time; or existing contractors looking to add a new classification; are often affected by a complicated process. It can include lengthy applications and process times, state exams and background checks just to name a few. So, here are some guide lines on how to apply for a contractors license.

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Thus, applicants thinking of getting their contractors license can begin the licensing process by visiting the Contractors State License Board. And review the steps and requirements needed to become licensed.  After reviewing this information, it may be a good idea to contact the license board directly with any follow up questions.

Also, new contractors can obtain a new license application by visiting a local CSLB office. Or by print an application directly from the CSLB website.

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Process times vary based on the type of application.  As mentioned, mistakes or omissions made on an application are one of the most common forms of delay. So it pays to get things right the first time.  When in doubt, contact a license board rep to get answers to any questions before fold your application.  The CSLB regularly updates process times for most of their services.  Once an original application has posted, the CSLB will send the applicant a letter with their application fee number as well as a secure pin. Which can be used to check on the process status as well as pending claims right on the CSLB website.

One of the first questions new contractors will need to decide upon is the type of entity to form for their new business. Such as a sole proprietor, partnership, corporation or LLC.  So, many new contractors may already know which type of entity best suites their needs. While others may want to consult with an attorney before they get too far down the line with their license application to prevent delays or having to start over.  Below are some legal resources that may be helpful for California construction experts.

Whether you use a General Contractor or hire your own sub contractors, it’s always vital to know who will take part in building your home. For a reliable contractor in San Jose, CA, contact us at Contractors Near Me.

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