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There are so many firms and people involved in a construction project – owner, architect, construction contractor, construction manager, etc. For all these entities to make a building to specs on budget and on time. In big projects, the leader is either a Construction Manager or General Contractor. They both have the same goal to end the project to the well-being of the owner.

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The General Contractor is a person or a firm that controls the on site every day activity. They manage the process and usually have several workers who are actually doing the job. In big projects, various subcontractors complete 80-90% of the work. So, the contractor works as a project manager, who controls and plans the work of the subcontractors. Also, they are in contact with the client or an architect of the project.

General Contractor

In order to get a project, the contractors usually place the bids to the owner. They receive plans and specs form that architect and base their bids in them. Then the general contractor receives bids from various subcontractors and includes their markup and costs in their bid. After getting all the bids the owner will then award the project to the chosen contractor based on quality and price.

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The contractors always strive to keep a project within a budget or below. When the project is completed under the bid price, the construction contractor receives the profit from the unused funds. However, any cost overruns require asking the owner for more funds or change project scope. This happens often as the General Contractor was not involved in the phase before the project starts to provide more accurate estimates.

Whether you use a general contractor or hire your own subcontractors, it’s always vital to know who will take part in building your home. For a reliable contractor in San Jose, CA, contact us at Contractors Near Me.

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