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Sprinkler System

Sprinkler System

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As an irrigation and landscaping contractor, our goal is to establish a fair and professional practice based on our knowledge, integrity, and quality work. Whether you need to install a landscape design or a sprinkler system, we make sure that we work with you to provide you with the best solutions that cover every stage of your project, depending on your budget. Contact us today at Contractors Near Me Sprinklers & Landscapes for “quality service you can rely on.”

In today’s busy lifestyle, the correct way to ensure a healthy lawn is to install a sprinkler and irrigation system. Whether it’s your home or business, sprinkler systems make your property effortlessly beautiful.­

Advantages Of A Sprinkler System Installation:

Saves Time: You don’t have to pull the hoses in the yard or remember to move them every twenty minutes.

Ensuring Proper Water Coverage: Your new sprinkler system is programmed to start at the right time and provide the right water coverage for your yard.

Maintaining a Healthy Lawn: Having a good sprinkler system ensures your lawn is adequately treated during rainy days. It also protects the investment in your garden.

We have the expertise and skills to work in all irrigation systems. Contact us today to see how we can help you!


Whether you are looking to install or replace a new system, Contractors Near Me designs and provides a sprinkler system installation that efficiently and effectively delivers water to your lawn and landscape.

Sprinkler System Installation requires two main components: the right design and the right products.

1. Sprinkler system design

The irrigation system does not install sprinkler heads to keep the landscape moist. This requires consideration of your particular landscape and property. While we are always trying to provide beautiful green lawns, we also want to avoid water and waste saturation. Contractors Near Me’s trained technicians design the following:

  • Keep your grass looking great
  • Maximizes the lifespan of your lawn
  • Drains properly and minimizes water runoff
  • Keeps your grass looking great
  • Runs at peak efficiency, reducing water waste

2.Proper products

As irrigation leaders, the Contractors Near Me is the only one with the best quality controls, sprinkler heads, and valves.

Smart Technology – Conservation irrigation is really about water conservation, which is why all of our newly installed systems come with a smart controller. Using Smart Controller, your system does the following:

  • Only use the required amount of water.
  • Set up every day for your exact address using climate change
  • Get access to manage using any phone, tablet, or connected device.

Weather Sensors – In addition to having a mobile sensor to ensure that the system does not function during or after a rain event, Contractors Near Me Irrigation installs all systems using the weather sensor to take into account the exact temperature and weather conditions.

High-Efficiency Spray Nozzles – All systems are installed with high-efficiency spray nozzles. Toro precision spray nozzles are more attractive and save an average of 35% on used water compared to conventional nozzles.

Matching Rain – All systems are designed with full head-to-head coverage to provide maximum coverage for rainfall.

A Reliable Sprinkler Service Throughout The Year!

Our skilled lawn care professional will see your sprinkler system running year-round, from winter hibernation to spring cleaning. Since your irrigation system is not visible, it often goes out of mind, which can lead to unnecessary problems and repairs. We’re here to ensure you don’t have to worry about this.

Some of the sprinkler services we offer are:

Sprinkler Start-ups – Spring is a time of rebirth and flowering, and we offer it your sprinklers. When we shut down the system in the winter, we can re-start it to make sure the unit is working as needed.

Winterizing – It is essential to winterize your irrigation system before winter arrives fast. This means removing the excess water from your pipes so that they do not freeze. It can damage or break your pipes. We can close your system to prevent leakage and save you money.

Sprinkler Repair Service

Contractors Near Me provides repairs and maintenance of residential or commercial sprinkler systems. Green and healthy lawns are the pride of many, and one of the most critical factors in maintaining your lawn health is to make sure your in-ground sprinkler system (also called irrigation system) is as efficient as possible. In the case a system is not working correctly, it can lead to dead spots on the lawn as well as unnecessary headaches for property owners.

We provide residential and commercial services for sprinklers. Additionally, customized lawn care solutions that help lawn owners manage their sprinklers to make sure they are working to their maximum potential.

The essential aspect of any sprinkler system is to ensure that the sprinkler start-up is appropriately done when the weather is warming and that it is time to start watering. Our start-up service takes care of everything needed to make sure the system is up and running properly.

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The desire for water conservation has been one of the essential moves in recent times. As a leading irrigation company, Contractors Near Me, located in San Jose, CA, and serving the entire Bay Area, have installed some of the best sprinkler systems. We are always looking forward to introducing new technology that can improve the service we offer our clients. We’ve partnered to bring you the best sprinkler system. Moreover, our new “smart” sprinkler system allows you to conserve water and save your money. Using these products, we have saved approximately 10,000,000 gallons of water.

At Contractors Near Me, we are proud of the quality of our work, the depth of our knowledge, and excellent customer service. For three decades, we have enhanced our reputation by providing quality services that are family-owned and serviced by you in San Jose, CA, and the entire Bay Area.

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